Monday, September 3, 2012

This is another story about angels that I would like to share with you. My desperate prayer to God to save my missing son and the instant miracle that followed completely transformed me from someone who believed in God to someone who KNEW there is a God! I had surrendered my will for His will. I now knew that I could ask and trust God for anything that is His will.
As I began to walk this new walk of faith, I was seeing prayer after prayer answered. Miracles of healing's and other miracles. Sometimes they would be instantaneous, sometimes they took awhile. Regardless of when they were answered they were huge faith builders. The Lord was waking me up in the middle of the night and talking to me. I was receiving dreams and visions of things that were happening or about to happen. The gift of discernment was becoming evident as I was being shown that certain people and their motives were not of God. It can be overwhelming at times.
More and more people began to ask me to pray for them or for someone that they knew. It is a tremendous honor and also a tremendous burden. I wanted to always see the prayer answered immediately and did not stop praying until it was answered. After becoming a Chaplain I started to do visitation in hospitals and emergency rooms. A friend of mine and my wife Dorinda asked if I could make a visit to the hospital to pray with her mother. She was in intensive care and was in a coma. I had never met her before but I told our friend that I would be glad to visit her mom and made plans to go the next morning.
I have always made sure to pray in my prayer room before going on any type of mission for the Lord. If it was not possible to go to the prayer room, I still always made sure to pray wherever I was, and ask the Holy Spirit to not only lead and guide me but to actually come with me and take over whatever mission I am on for the Lord. This trip was no different. I spent some time in my prayer room, my secret place, and made sure that I let God know that I can not heal a fly, but that I needed Him to come with me.
Driving to the hospital I felt the usual amount of nervousness that I believe comes from the flesh in knowing that I am nothing without God working in me and with me. When I walked into the room where our friends mother was I was stunned. There were several nurses working around her. She had tubes and wires somewhat hiding her from view. There were machines surrounding her. Her eyes were closed as she looked to be in the coma as I was told. I let the nurses know that I had come to pray with her. They told me that if I would give them a few minutes they could leave me alone with her.
As I waited I just closed my eyes and prayed quietly. The image of this poor lady was right there in my mind as I prayed. I felt a touch on my arm as a nurse let me know that I could pray with her now. I walked over to her, lay my hand on her arm and prayed a short prayer asking God to help her come out of this coma and to heal her and bring her home to her family. When I finished I left the room and walking down the hall met her daughter coming to the room. I returned to the room with her and spent a few minutes with her and her mom then I left. I continued to pray daily for her, and heard that she had come out of her coma and was soon to leave the hospital.
About a month later on a Sunday morning right before church service began our friend came up to me and said that her mother whom I had prayed with was at the service and wanted to meet me. Service was about to begin so she said that when we greet the guests she would bring her over. After our praise and worship finished we started our “greet the guest” music, and as I turned around I saw our friend bringing her mom toward me. I really could not recognize her. The last time I had seen her she was covered with the tubes and wires in the hospital bed, now she looked so good and had a big smile on her face.
She walked up to me and gave me a big hug and thanked me over and over for coming and praying with her. I told her that she was welcome but it was really God that she should thank, if not for Him I would not have even been there. She said that she understood but that there was something else she needed to tell me. Looking me straight in the eyes with such joy, she said that I would not believe all of the angels that had come into the room with me when I came in to pray with her. I was stunned. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and at the same time down mine. I didn’t know what to say so I said “really?” She said, “Yes several of them.” I just hugged her and her daughter and thanked her for telling me and that it was so good to see her up, healthy, and at church. Though she had been in a coma God had shown her His angels had come in to heal her. Wow! He had also given me another increase in faith, and wisdom to always pray and invite the Holy Spirit in. Thank You so much Jesus! I can do nothing by myself but;
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”